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It is estimated that around three million teeth are broken or knocked out annually from dental trauma caused by a collision or accident. While it’s often possible to save a knocked-out tooth when dental care is provided quickly, many instances of tooth loss require a dental restoration to fill the tooth gap.

We are pleased to offer partial dentures as an option to replace several missing teeth to improve your oral function and restore your smile.

When a tooth cannot be restored with dental care, Dr. Michael G. Winkelman can provide different tooth replacement options to repair your smile after any remaining tooth structure and roots have been extracted. If dental implants are not a preference for your, we are happy to provide a custom partial denture to fill the empty space in your smile.

When it comes to replacing teeth, this type of denture restores only a section of the mouth that sustained tooth loss, replacing the missing teeth and mimicking the appearance of your smile by setting artificial teeth in a pink base. Partial dentures typically use interlocking wires to remain in place, and can be removed by a dental professional.

You are welcome to call Meridian Dental Care at 480-671-1111 if you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist and learn more about partial dentures in Apache Junction, Arizona.