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To help limit the risks associated with jaw and facial pain, it is important to be aware of several symptoms that can arise and potential treatments that are used. Furthermore, understand the causes of jaw and facial pain as they are often numerous. Because of the amount of probable causes of jaw pain, you may need to visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral exam and x-rays to determine what is producing it.

Chronic jaw and facial pain is often linked to an underlying condition within your mouth. It could be something as simple as sinus issues or can be linked to a deep underlying illness including a toothache, bruxism, periodontal disease, or TMJ disorders. Furthermore, arthritis, infections, and oral accidents and injuries are often linked to chronic jaw and facial pain as well.

Once your dentist has determined the exact cause of your jaw pain, effective treatments can be used to help reverse the damage and limit the pain that you feel. Your dentist may prescribe for you various forms of medications including muscle relaxants, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory drugs. Furthermore, mouth protectors and mouth guards have been shown to help alleviate the stress associated with jaw pain. They may also help you with exercises that are known to help strengthen your jaw. In several instances, oral health care procedures such as root canal therapy, periodontal treatments and tooth extractions may be required. For more information about your jaw or facial pain or to determine what exactly is causing it and treatments you may use to help improve your oral health for future enjoyment, visit your dentist.

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