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Accidents in the home can sometimes be significant. Something as seemingly simple as a slip and fall can potentially impact the mouth injuring soft tissues and fracturing teeth.

If you or someone in your family has just suffered a significant oral injury, you might need to apply some basic first aid measures while seeking emergency treatment from a dentist like Dr. Michael G. Winkelman.

A quick assessment of the damage to teeth and soft tissues can sometimes be helpful. If something is obscuring your view of the affected area a gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater can help clear away the unwanted material from your mouth. A wet, warm washcloth can also be used to gently wipe dried blood from your lip or face.

If the traumatized soft tissues start to develop swelling, it might be addressed by gently applying a cold compress to the area for up to 20 minutes at a time. If you don’t have one on hand, crushed ice in a plastic bag wrapped in a washcloth or using a bag of frozen vegetables might suffice.

Consuming a standard dose of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication or gently rubbing a small amount of topical oral analgesic on the nearby tissues might also help minimize discomfort while you seek emergency treatment at Meridian Dental Care.

If you live in the Apache Junction, Arizona, area and you or someone in your home has suffered a significant oral trauma, you should call 480-671-1111 to seek emergency treatment from our dentist.